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  • Sales Videos
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  • Webinars
  • Offline Presentations
  • Video Advertising
  • YouTube Videos

Give Your Videos An Instant Face Lift.

If you own any of these video builders then you have access to the same assets like the rest of the hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS, of users out there.

With limited resources, your videos become predictable and boring.

So you need fresh content and resources to give your videos a face lift.

And that is another problem: it's not as cheap as it sounds. Far from it.

If you buy royalty-free stock videos or custom made animations, that's going to set you back by hundreds of dollars.

Sometimes you wonder if you are better off just hiring someone else to do it for you...

But do you have that budget?

(And you definitely can't swipe this kind of assets off Google - unless you're ready to be sued!)

So we came up with a ready made collection that will not only make video building a fun experience...

... We also made doubly sure this won't cost a bomb. :)

Announcing Flat Video Assets

With this video asset package you can use it to spice up your Sales Videos, Presentations, Tutorials and even in your marketing materials!

The best part is: you can use them right away with most video builder programs... including Powerpoint and Keynote!


What You Get In This Package:

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You can use it for UNLIMITED projects and for as many videos you want to build.

Because Flat Video Assets also come ready with Developers License, you can use this video library to build videos for your clients as well!

Developer License usually cost at least 5 times as much, but we're going to let you have that FREE.

The license is bundled together with Flat Video Assets so you just pay for the package.



Flat Video Assets

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